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Auresta Food Box

Auresta Food Box located minutes away from Matunga (West) station and right next to the famous Rupareal College, named after the current trend of tasting some delicious Chinese, Italian and finger food coupled with quick table service which could be easy on the pocket, while it’s quirky ambience surely enthralls the foodies. With the success […]

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Cafe Greens and Beans has a college appeal

For most students who’ve attended (and bunked) lectures at Ruia, Podar or Welingkar’s Institute, in Matunga, Ram Ashraya, Sharda Bhavan, Café Madras, DP’s and Café Gulshan offered appetising, pocket-friendly snacking options. This writer recalls having survived on Butter Idli and Mysore Sada Dosa from some of these eateries for months on end. So, when we […]

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Tibbs Frankie

In The year 1967, Mr Amarjit Singh Tibb was returning from England via Beirut. Suring his brief stint in Beirut, he had innovative Lebanese preparation made from Pita Bread and whopping variety of stuffing. Having been truly fascinated by this he returned to India with this snack on his mind.. He decided that the Indian […]

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