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Batter Up Cookies & More

For Anushree Shiralkar, baking has always been a passion. However, having dedicated the last 6 years in a medical school, she was left with very less time to explore this interest to its fullest. But such things have to be made time for, and that is exactly what she did in whatever opportunities she could […]

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health juice centre

DNA Review – The Health Juice Centre: 20 years of serving over 500 types of juices. This is how the Matunga-based shop did it

If you ever happen to pass by Maheshwari Udyan at Matunga, a small stall crowded with people is bound to catch your attention. The stall selling juice from around 20 years has wacky names and combinations as well. The Health Juice Centre was started in Matunga in 1996. Originally, the owner Vilas Dongre’s father had […]

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ice 1

Koldplay Cremerie – Indulge in delicious desserts at this Matunga icecream parlour: Midday Review

Source: There’s a lot more to like at a new ice cream parlour than its pun-ny name Koldplay Cremerie Food: Good Service: Quick Ambiance: Tiny Koldplay Cremerie, a popular name in the Western suburbs, has opened a new outlet in Matunga. On offer are sundaes, thick shakes as well as ice cream cakes. In a […]

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spring 2

Spring Onion: Midday food review

Source: In an area dominated by Udipi outlets, Spring Onion offers simple yet flavourful Asian food at prices that don’t pinch your pocket Spring Onion Food: Good Service: Quick Cost: Value-for-money ‘Our Motto, No Ajji-no-motto’. We couldn’t help but giggle when we read Spring Onion’s motto that was printed on their menu. A closer look […]

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auresta 2

Auresta Food Box

Auresta Food Box located minutes away from Matunga (West) station and right next to the famous Rupareal College, named after the current trend of tasting some delicious Chinese, Italian and finger food coupled with quick table service which could be easy on the pocket, while it’s quirky ambience surely enthralls the foodies. With the success […]

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green beans 1

Cafe Greens and Beans has a college appeal

For most students who’ve attended (and bunked) lectures at Ruia, Podar or Welingkar’s Institute, in Matunga, Ram Ashraya, Sharda Bhavan, Café Madras, DP’s and Café Gulshan offered appetising, pocket-friendly snacking options. This writer recalls having survived on Butter Idli and Mysore Sada Dosa from some of these eateries for months on end. So, when we […]

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tibb 2

Tibbs Frankie

In The year 1967, Mr Amarjit Singh Tibb was returning from England via Beirut. Suring his brief stint in Beirut, he had innovative Lebanese preparation made from Pita Bread and whopping variety of stuffing. Having been truly fascinated by this he returned to India with this snack on his mind.. He decided that the Indian […]

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