DNA Review – The Health Juice Centre: 20 years of serving over 500 types of juices. This is how the Matunga-based shop did it

health juice centre

If you ever happen to pass by Maheshwari Udyan at Matunga, a small stall crowded with people is bound to catch your attention. The stall selling juice from around 20 years has wacky names and combinations as well.

The Health Juice Centre was started in Matunga in 1996. Originally, the owner Vilas Dongre’s father had a fruit selling business at the same place and later on he converted it into a juice centre to make healthy fruit juices for customers. Vilas Dongre, owner of Health Juice Centre started the it during his college days.

The juice combinations are still prepared by Dongre himself. According to Dongre, the centre is popular because of the quality of fruit juice combinations offered to them and also because of the seasonal fruit juices available during the off season.

He said, “Every week we introduce a new combination of juice for the customers. We plan the combination well in advance and make sure that the right flavor is offered. Sometimes I take over a month to make a combination of fruits to make a perfect juice.”

Variety of juice offered
The juice centre that started with around 20 basic fruit juices now has over 500 types of juices listed including the milkshakes and cocktails. Few of the wacky names include Rangoli juice (combination of watermelon, pineapple and lemon), All rounder juice (combination of pineapple, strawberry and orange), Boom juice (combination of Citrus lemon, lemon and poppy seeds).

They also have lemon grass juice, jackfruit juice, ginger lemon milkshake and chewing gum juice on the list for customers. The next innovative idea is to make juice of cinnamon (daalacheene). “I am experimenting on the cinnamon juice currently. We believe that a prefect taste should be available to the customers and it should be worth the money also. We will be soon putting it on the list,” added Dongre.

Service offered online
Three months ago, the juice centre started its online order service through Swiggy Food Order & Delivery. People can order the juice and other snacks online sitting at home or in their offices. Vilas said, “The online ordering service is going great. Many people order the juice only. There has been approximately 10% increase in my business because of the online order service. Since many people from various far off areas in the city come here to have the juice, the online delivery service will help them too.”

New franchise coming up
The Health Juice Centre was first started in Matunga/ King Circle area and later in Vashi. The owner will be opening three more outlets of the juice centre at three places of the city.

“We are opening a new centre in March in Kandivali, in April at Mulund and in May at Hiranandani, Powai. Same quality and quantity of juice will be given in other upcoming centres too,” added, Dongre.

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