Koldplay Cremerie – Indulge in delicious desserts at this Matunga icecream parlour: Midday Review

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There’s a lot more to like at a new ice cream parlour than its pun-ny name

Koldplay Cremerie

Food: Good

Service: Quick

Ambiance: Tiny


Koldplay Cremerie, a popular name in the Western suburbs, has opened a new outlet in Matunga. On offer are sundaes, thick shakes as well as ice cream cakes. In a neighbourhood that has four ice cream parlours and several other dessert options, Koldplay seems to be drawing in good crowds even on weekday evenings.

Their sugar-laden combination sundaes caught the eye as soon as we stepped into the tiny place that can seat five. We picked Chocolate Madness (Rs 120) that comes with two scoops of Chocolate Silk ice cream, chocolate sprinkles, chips and roll. The ice cream was one of our favourites at the parlour — smooth and creamy with a good dose of chocolate.

Ode-to-Ferrero-thick-shake-Our next try, Ode to Ferrero (Rs 150) thick shake, as the name suggests, came loaded with bits of the Italian chocolate. The quantity is large enough to help with your chocolate fix for a few days. From their scoops, we tasted their day-special, Motichur ice cream, which was a wonderful reinvention of the much-loved Indian laddoo. This was followed by a scoop of Berry Overload and Meetha Paan (Rs 50 each).

The Meetha Paan was similar to many versions that we have tried at other parlours in the city before; the berry ice cream was zingy tha25mapnks to a fruity kick. To make things better, we added a sprinkle of our childhood favourite candy, Magic Pop, and the scoop got even more crackling.

Compared to other ice cream parlours in the vicinity, Koldplay might have fewer options but their sundaes, thick shakes and deliciously good ice cream makes it a tasty and value-for-money stopover.

Timings: 9.30 am to 12 midnight

At: Next to 5 Spice, Kings Circle, Matunga (CR).

Call: 24030014

Koldplay Cremerie didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.


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