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Don Bosco International Society

The Don Bosco Society is an international organization dedicated to the service of children and youth, especially through the field of education. Founded in 1859 by Don Bosco, an Italian saint-educator, the Don Bosco Society is now present in 132 countries across the world. In 1906 the Don Bosco Society started working in India. The first Don Bosco School was set up in Mumbai in 1928.

Don Bosco’s Educational System

Don Bosco’s philosophy and method of education are acclaimed the world over as one of the most brilliant systems of education. This system emphasizes that educators should accompany their students as a friend and guide. It is a student centred, friendly and holistic approach to education. It creates a climate that ‘draws forth’ (educere) the best in the student, that encourages the student’s complete and fullest self-expression, that assists children in acquiring convictions and attitudes that will lead them to opt in favour of what is good, right, joyful and life-enhancing.

Don Bosco International School

The Don Bosco International School was launched in June 2014 at Matunga and it brings together the very best in the Don Bosco and Cambridge systems of education. It provides a unique learning experience that helps children grow into outstanding global citizens.

Our Classrooms are ergonomically designed to ensure our children are comfortable depending on  the subjects they learn and the grade they are in. Younger students have lower chairs and tables and these will become increasingly more functional when the child goes to higher grades.


All our classrooms will be wifi enabled and each classroom will have a multimedia projector available for teachers to use and build rapport with students.

Dance & Arts:

To encourage creativity and also improve their kinaesthetic skills, we have built two areas for dance and arts. Each of these facilities has dedicated staff and is an opportunity for students to understand themselves and explore potential areas for their own growth.

IT Labs:

The IT lab is well equipped with the latest computers and software. These are all networked. Selective internet access will be made available based on curriculum requirements.


Reading books encourages children to explore the world though their imagination. Our library is designed to help children access what they need and in the format they can best absorb the information.

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Extracurricular activities:

Some of the activities of the school are athletics, outdoor games, indoor games, dramatics, elocution, debate, drawing, music, quiz, notice boards, exhibition, projects, social service and other class activities.


The school has access to hockey, football and basketball courtsDBIS has a unique eclectic approach which borrows from different styles of learning and rigorously follows “Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Theory’ that takes in to account different learning style of children thereby designing specific activities that allow children to explore concepts and ideas using multiple intelligence. We provide small classes (maximum of 24 pupils) and high academic standards, as well as a wide selection of sports and co-curricular activities. Don Bosco International School provides students with a progressive and forward thinking education within a disciplined and structured environment


The pre-primary programme is the foundation for a lifelong learning experience and the starting point for formal education. At DBIS we understand and respect the fact that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests.

Our curriculum objectives have been laid out as per the developmental characteristics of each age group. The pre-primary school curriculum  has been designed to nurture developmental objectives that have been consciously planned. Our inclusive curriculum offers core subjects of Language, Mathematics, social Studies and Science. We also offer Physical Education which includes activities like Skating and Performing Arts such as Music, Dance and Speech & Drama. ICT and Robotics further enhances our state of the art curriculum.


Our classes are kept small and are further divided in to groups according to each child’s individual academic level, enabling the teachers to support and encourage their unique potential. Our inquiry based curriculum provides students with a foundation of essential concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes. A strong emphasis is placed on how students learn, as well as what they learn. We also encourage our students to act responsibly and to reflect on their learning. Our inclusive curriculum offers core subjects of Language, Mathematics, Social studies and Science. each child’s talents and aptitudes are also developed through ICT education, robotics and Physical Education which includes activities like swimming, skating, and performing arts such as music, dance and speech & drama.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education exams are Grade X level exams conducted by many International Schools. The IGCSE consists of five groups of subjects and students take up a minimum of five subjects to qualify for the exam. Students can also take up seven subjects, for which they are awarded an additional International Certificate of Education (ICE) qualification

Don Bosco International School

Nathalal Parekh Marg

Matunga (E),

Mumbai 400 019

Tel: +91 22 2412 7474


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