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You may be born stylish, but you definitely need the right fashion to keep feeling and looking so. Established in 2008 at a time when an increasing number of urban Indian women were getting serious about fashion, Paisley has been synonymous with fashion for many.

Envisioned as a contemporary style brigade to adorn the attitudes of the upwardly mobile ladies, Paisley has created a niche in several minds and markets already. A look at our collection would reveal easily that our designs are unique, our colours thoughtful and hence, no surprises that our customers, loyal.

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The Director of the brand Paisley Mr. Manoj Gala – always been a person who’s felt that ‘Fashion’ should go hand-in-hand with the brand ‘Paisley’, he has driven the brand’s growth in the past five years with zeal and innovation.

Paisley has been satisfying all its customers flamboyantly, catering to their personally and nourishing their taste for fashion. The thing which embodies our quality & uniqueness, is the finesse to infuse inspiration in various mediums- to be able to play with fabrics and colors to add class and panache to woman of the 21st century.

Paisley, can rightly be called a brand of its kind.

Contact Information:

360, K.N. Building, Bhandarkar Road, Matunga (Central) , Mumbai – 400019.

Tel: +91-22-24104141/24105151

Fax: +91-22-24106262


Website: www.

Facebook page:

Twitter: @PaisleyIndia

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