Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation

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Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation is a registered as non-government, non-religious and non-profitable social welfare Trust. This Trust assists absolute help to needy people mainly in Education & Medical field to fulfill their living necessities.

Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation was established on 13th September’ 1997 by immense support of members of “Shree Matunga Jain Shwetamber Murtipujak Tapagach Sangh” who wish to envision every human being to stand on their own feet.

There are lots of charitable trusts existing but most of them provide financial aid to the orphanages & for education while we also provide financial aid for “Medical purpose and enhance human values by fulfilling their lifetime necessities mainly for economically weaker sections of the society.

Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust. Trust Registration Number is E-17397 (Mumbai). The donations to Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation are exempted from Tax under sec.80G.

Education Help

Sadharmik family’s children should develop their skills in education and prove themselves to become Doctor, engineer, lawyer, financial wizard, chartered accountant, towards management field and other development programs which help them to progress for better life.

Disha Project

Those students who have completed studies and are interested in further studies but unable to due to lack of money , at disha we fulfill their needs fruitfully.

Medical Help

Under this activity we help them to give the medical treatment under good renowned hospitals, provide funds for dialysis, heart bypass surgery, cancer, cataract operation, TB, primary treatments as well as help during small based medical treatments.


We support them in Mediclaim Insurance and personal accident policy for sadharmik families which thoroughly helps them in longer run.

Business Help

To help them out in establishing small based business, housing assistance, as well old age pension plan and help widows in their needs.

Main intention of foundation is to assist needy people mainly in terms of 3 segments i.e. Education, Medical & Lifetime necessities. To work out such activities our 3 to 4 members are always available in foundation office between 10 to 11.30 AM from Monday to Saturday.

Our members carefully note every one’s request and based on it take necessary action, In some emergency cases we immediately help out, and in some cases we properly guide them and scrutinize their requirements. If we needed more information on particular case, we approach to some associated group (Vardhman sanskruti dham,Young alert group etc). We try to wrap up any case as soon as possible.

Our members have authority to approve predefined amount in any case without taking permission of higher authorities, it saves time and cost of needy people.

vasu 1Shree Matunga Vasupujya Jain Foundation

Jivanlal Abjibhai Gyanmandir,

Nathalal Parekh Marg,

King's Circle,Mumbai – 400 019.

Tel: 2401 7450

Fax: 2401 7450




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