Shraddhanand Mahilashram

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The Hindu Women's Welfare Society was started in the year 1927 in memory of Swami Shraddhanandji (Munshiram). He was disciple of Maharshi Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj in 1875.

Swami Shraddhanand felt the need to have shelter for Hindu women who faced problems due to social,cultural circumstances prevailing at that time and he expressed this to his contemporaries, Shri B.G. Kher, Barrister Jaykar, Shri R.D.Birla and Shri V.L.Napoo,etc.

They established the Ashram & within 2 years many women sought shelter in this.

Shraddhanand Mahilashram

The largest and has Balgruha for 0-18 and shelter for women 18 and above. The children from 0-2 are looked after in special care center.There are nurses,caretakers and visiting doctors,who take care of them and nurture them.Here children with special needs(multiple disabled) are given physiotherapy to overcome their delayed physical milestones.

In the toddler section,children between 2-6 years are looked after. There is a in-house Balwadi which the student attend. The children from this section are referred from intra and inter country adoption. The Ashram is recognized by CARA (Central Adoption & Resource Authority) under license No.RIPA-9/2011.Adoption was started in June 1928 in our institution. The boys are referred to other Ashram after attaining 6 years of age if not sent in adoption.

The Ashramkanyas from 6-18 years attend different schools in the neighbourhood. They are also coached in many co-curricular activities such as music, dance and sports. They are taken for educational tours.In house competions are organized for them. Workshops in handicrafts, ceramic painting and mehendi are organized for them.

The Ashramkanyas are grouped in houses and housekeepers are there to supervise them. There are qualified social workers who nurture them and look after their educational & emotional needs.

The shelter and Balgruha are registered with the Commissioner of Women & Child Welfare Office, Pune, Maharashtra State. Grant-in-aid(Non-salary) is received from them.

The Ashramkanyas above 18 years attend college, vocational courses. They are also married through the Ashram on receiving suitable proposals. Some of them undertake vocational courses and work outside.

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Shraddhanand Mahilashram Adoption Committee

Adoption is one of the important services offered by Shraddhanand Mahilashram. This was started in June – 1928.

Over 3000 children have been placed in families in adoption in India and abroad.

We are registered under State Government. We are also regitered as RIPA [Recognised Indian Placement Agency] with Central Aoption Resource Authority [CARA], New Delhi.

Legal procedures and adoption Fees are charged as per CARA guidelines.

We also work with CARA enlisted foreign agencies for inter-country adoption is concerned. Children have been placed in different countries such as USA, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Austria etc.

For in-country adoptions you may contact the Ashram's office telephonically or by e-mail.

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Manorama Phadke Vidyarthini Vasati Gruha

From last 9 years Manorama Phadke Vidyarthini Vasati Griha, is running successfully. At present 97 girl students have been accommodated in the hostel who attend college in the vicinity. Since it is a safe & secure place for girls, their parents are happy to keep them in our hostel. Once their girls get admission in our hostel, parents out of Mumbai are assured about her safety. There is a long waiting list for admission in the hostel.

There is twin accommodation in hostel rooms. Facilities like reading room, provision for use of computers, hygienic and nutritious food (breakfast & Dinner) are provided.

A laundry service is provided for the hostelites at reasonable rate. We are creating employment for Ashramkanyas who look after this job with the help of washing and drying machine.

Construction for extension of hostel building will be started soon. We will be able to accommodate 60 more girl students in the hostel.

We keep 2 seats reserved entirely free for academically brilliant but economically handicapped girl students.

The Hindu Women's Welfare Society

Head Office:-Shraddhanand Mahilashram

Shraddhanand Marg, Near Maheshwari Udyan,

Matunga, Mumbai-400019

Tel.No:-2401 2552 / 2401 0715

Email –

Manorama Phaadke Vidyarthini Vasati Gruha

Shraddhanand Mahilashram

Tel.: 2401 1131




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