Ashtamudra Pratishthan

a pASHTAMUDRA PRATISHTHAN is a Social Trust formed by the Trustees of Shri. Marubai Gaondevi Mandir Trust under initiative of Shri. Anil Gavand.

The trust was formed and registered under the Public Trust Act.

The main goal was to “Serve Mankind”. And so many activities were planned and are carried out to do social service.

Rajmudra was the Seal of the Throne of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It was an octagon as a symbol of Eight Directions (Ashtadisha) and Eight Chaitanya (Ashtachaitanya) and Eight Hands (Ashtabhuja) of Goddess Bhavanimata. The cause of this Rajmudra was for wellbeing of mankind. The same is the ideology behind the Ashtamudra, wellbeing of mankind. The motto of Ashtamudra Pratishthan is “Service to Man is Service to God”. The trust is formed to lend a hand to the new generation for overall wellbeing. So the projects undertaken are – Yoga Kendra, Educational activities, Youth activities, Medical Activities, etc.

Educational Activities:

Ashtamudra manages various educational bodies such as Balvadis (Pre-Primary School) for economically backward social class, in various schools owned by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

a p1Anand Yog Dhyan Kendra

Ashtamudra manages a Yoga class in the temple complex by the name Anand Yog Dhyan Kendra. Anand Yog opens te mind to a certain stillness and clrity and many people find they wish to pursue a spiritual path with blessings of Mother Shri. Marubai devi.

Yoga raises the conscious level and brings the soul mind and body into Union by means of “eight disciplines (AshtaYoga)”.

Youth Activities:

Ashtamudra Pratishthan's Akashi Jhep Ghe Re (Fly High) is a Social Rehabilitation Project formed to give the new generation exposure to the various career options available in today's world and to work for the well being of the generation next.

In today's highly competitive world, parents and guardians put tremendous pressure on thier children to select a career. But in this process, the child is never given opportunity or rather never asked what he/she wants to be.

Ashtamudra Pratishthan under this section, takes responsibility of counseling the young students, their parents and helping them choose the right career and be a successful person.

To do this students are provided with facility of Aptitude Tests, etc. which, helps them is selecting the career of their choice.

Ashtamudra Pratishthan,

Shri. Marubai Gaondevi Mandir

Nathalal Parekh Marg,

Opp. Shri Marubai Gaondevi Mandir Chowk,

Near Aurora Talkies,

Matunga, Mumbai – 400 019

Maharashtra, India.

Tel. – 91 22 24095690



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