Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare


We are a non-profit, voluntary organization, started in 1970. The founders were a group of professional social workers, adoptive parents and lawyers who were then concerned with the problems involved in the adoption of abandoned and destitute children. Their concern related to their direct experience of the problems either as parents trying to adopt an unrelated child or as professionals helping pre-adoptive parents and promoting the concept of adoption among Indians.

Over the 35 years of our existence, there has been a continuous evolution in the organization's activities. Stemming from the belief that family life is vital to the child's normal and healthy all round growth, the initial concerns with the child permanently deprived of family life, has been extended to other such vulnerable children.

The direct service programmes have been focused on securing permanent family through adoption, preserving those families that are in crisis and strengthening the disadvantaged to brighten the child's future.

Simultaneously, the activities have been directed towards raising awareness, advocacy and upgradation of the standards in serving the child.

Our Principal Concern

  • The child orphaned and/or abandoned.
  • The child who is at risk of severe neglect due to crisis in his/her family.
  • The child who faces undue hurdles in getting education & preparation for life due to multiple problems the family is dealing with.

Our Mission

Our mission rests on our belief that care in a loving and nurturing family is critical to a child's physical, mental and emotional growth and well-being. The activities are aimed:

  • To secure permanent loving family for the child so deprived, and strengthen families of the children in adverse circumstances.
  • To initiate and participate in advocacy for legislative reforms and policy, improvement in practices and procedures for protecting the interests of the child and families.
  • To create awareness about the children's situation as well as training of those concerned, to upgrade the services.

Our Services

  • Pre-adoption foster family care for the orphaned /abandoned child and placement in adoption. Pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling, Promotion of adoption.
  • Care of the child in crisis situation through family assistance or through foster family care within the community.
  • Facilitate education & enrichment of the underprivileged children through financial support and other allied programmes.



For a child who has lost his/her family permanently

  1. a) Adoption placement services,
  2. b) Publicity & Promotion of the concept and practice of adoption.
  3. c) Training for skill enhancement of different concerned functionaries.
  4. d) Advocacy for improvement in policies at different levels and for common adoption law.
  5. e) Extension programmes for promotion of concept and practice of adoption through establishment of Units in other parts of the country.

Foster Family Care

For children awaiting adoption

  1. a) Recruitment of suitable foster families for children awaiting adoption.
  2. b) Programmes for the foster families for promoting quality care to the children.
  3. c) Support, monitoring and supervision of the foster placements.

Family Support programme

For children in crisis situation

  1. a) Outreach to offer family support for the child's care within his/her own family or relative instead of placement in a children's home.
  2. b) Continued family support with financial aid and counseling.

Sponsorship Programme

Educational assistance for underpriviledged children

  1. a) Assistance to the child and the family for his/her continuing education:
  2. Financial and material aid
  3. Health check up & nutritional supplement with mid-day snacks,

iii. Coaching Classes & Value Education Programme

  1. Personality development and enrichment programmes.
  2. Vocational Guidance & Life skills programmes
  3. Counselling

Child Guidance Centre

  1. a) Remedial Services for redressal of mental, emotional and psycho-social problems of the children.
  2. b) Community Outreach, mental health sensitization programme for school teachers, parents and NGOs.

Education Project in a Rural Area

Sponsoring Secondary education of children in the remote villages in a District of Maharashtra.


Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption & Child Welfare welcomes you for your valuable contribution for the noble cause. For Donations or adopting a child please visit us in person at IAPA office on the following location or contact us.

Contact Person: Ms. Najma Goriawalla

Head Office

Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption & Child Welfare

Flat 7, Kanara Brotherhood Society,

Mogul Lane, Matunga (West)

Mumbai – 400 016.

Telephone: +91 (022) 2430 7076

Fax: +91 (022) 2437 4938


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